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This group is for people that want to find their style, upgrade their artistic skills, set new goals and help each other with getting feedback, features and tips and tricks on improvements! :D

Rules of the group:

- You must be a member to submit to folders
- Submit to correct folders, there soon will be a "Critique me" folder, so anyone could give advises to the ones who asked for it.
- Do not hesitate to submit to featured and favourites
- If you have any suggestions, you are very welcome to tell them

You can be better, you can improve, you can get watchers, you can develop!
Lets make this a perfect place for everyone!
Founded 9 Months ago
Sep 21, 2016


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Art Creation

80 Members
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Message to everyone!

We are looking forward to see your art, so do not hesitate to suggest, upload and contribute! :3

If you have suggestions of what could be done better - send us a note!

Thanks and good luck :D

P.S. All folders are now working, please submit to correct ones!

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EVERYONE! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, even if it was about a week ago... May you and all your loved ones enjoy a happy, healthy and safe New Year!
I remember posting something like this before, but, since it's basically dried up and all but forgotten at this point, here I am again with this.

Anyways, here's the deal: ever since a fan of a fanfic that I'm working on suggested that he illustrate my writings, I've been somewhat fixated on the notion. So much so that ever since he decided to call it quits, I've been on the prowl for a new artist who would be willing to take his place. A few artists, here and there, have showed an interest in this idea at first, but two of them called it quits (probably because I tended to hound them a lot when I didn't hear from them for too long) and one, near as I can tell, has stopped responding to me. Two others have shown an interest in this proposal, but, I want to keep looking so I don't have to hound them so much when the need to see my work made visual arises. I hope that that makes sense.

Bottom line; are there any fan artists out there who would be willing to illustrate the fan fiction of another?

Keep in mind that this is a "just for fun" endeavor, meaning that I am looking for artists who are willing to sacrifice their free time to do this simply because they want to, since I can't really commission anyone to draw anything.

Anyone interested, anyone at all?
Hey guys, i have been very busy lately, but I'm back with my articles and pieces.  :)
Inktober! Many of you heard of it, I'm going to create a folder for all of you guys to put your inktober work in there.
What do you think if we make a contest in between members for the entire October?
The idea is this:
- Making contests for you guys to practice
- Improving your skills even if a tiny bit every time
- Giving you a chance to interact with others and show your work

Good luck! :3
Line is not only used to draw contours, but to represent light and shadow on an object as well.

This can be controlled by the following:
- Thickness of the line
- Lightness or darkness of the line
- Gap between the lines

Many ways of lines could be used:
- small dashes
- small crosses
- small circles
- stippling (dots in other words)
- scribbles
- hatching (parallel angled lines)
- cross-hatching (parallel right-angled lines)

The most important things to remember using these techniques - be constant.
These techniques are also perfect to represent textures.

Try to play with them, fill up 2D and 3D shapes with them. Then you can try drawing more complicated things. :)
Have fun!
-Red Fox-
Today is a good day to talk about the line drawing.
This blog will hopefully give you some new clues on how to improve your art ;)

Lines... What can we say about them?
Overtime we are about to draw something - we start with a line. We see lines everywhere, every day we are surrounded with lines. Even if you think of perspective - its also guided by lines.
Lines matter, so lets find out how to make ourselves better at drawing them.

1. Have you ever considered drawing blind drawings? No? Try it out! its an amazing way to boost up your skills.
This type of practice helps your learning to see, so as to establish the connection between you hands, brain and sight.
Choose what you want to draw. Look at the object, notice the shapes, lines, shadows and draw it, but don't you dare to look at the drawing before done!
Bare in mind that the aim is practice and learning and not the realistic drawing. The results are very often funny :)

2. Continuous line drawing.
This one is meant to be done without ever (!) lifting the drawing tool off the paper. The aim is to observe and put it on paper.
Pretty much self-explanatory one, isn't it?

3. Contour drawing.
Note - very helpful for the ones that need to draw faster. Use different weight of line throughout the drawing. Don't stick to details.
Just focus your attention to the proportion and shapes, if using contour alone - ignore colour, mediums and tone. Start this exercise after you complete the blind drawing ones and the gesture activity too.

4. Cross contour drawing.
Perfect for learning shapes and getting familiar with 3D. Looks very nice in sketchbooks. Like in the 3rd exercise - pay attention to the perspectives and shapes. Show volume just with lines. Here lines can run at any appropriate level, even multiple angles sometimes. The closer you get to the middle of the object the closer you put the lines together. The further = the greater the distance is.

5. Now what on earth is a gestural drawing?
A gestural drawing is the one you have a limit of time on, it as well teaches you to observe. What do i mean by the time limit - round about 20, 30, 60 or 90 seconds per a drawing. I usually challenge myself like that while learning a new animal species or a new person. Fast and expressive lines to show the subject is all you need.

6. Of any of you like the directions of abstract art or cubism moving into the geometrical forms, you should try out the planar analysis drawing style.
this means that you should think of a rather mechanical way of representing the object you chose to draw. Treat it as an analytical exercise that will bring you the mechanical style outcome.

7. Last but not least is the wire sculpture.
The aim here is similar to the continuous line drawing, just curl the wires to form the linear drawing of an object or person you chose to represent through your study.

Have fun experimenting and remember that practice makes perfect! :D
-Red Fox-
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